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5 Small, Easy Changes for Big Results

Knowing where to start is usually the number one battle people face when looking to get healthier. I get it – it’s overwhelming, and you can pretty much Google anything and get answers as to why something is either good … Continue reading

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5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Reach Your Goal Weight

You set your sights upon seeing a certain number on the scale. You eat, sleep, and breathe according to reach your goal. So…what happens when you finally see it? These are things I encountered recently when I finally hit my … Continue reading

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Bouncing Back from a Bad Bounce

I only made it about half way home from the doctor’s office before I had to pull over and cry in a Rite-Aid parking lot. In hockey,┬áthere are good bounces and bad bounces. There are things that are purely luck; … Continue reading

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Very Berry Protein Power Bars

I’ve found a lot of Shakeology bar recipes for chocolate and vanilla flavors but not many for strawberry, so I wanted to come up with one! I am a huge fan of these power bars because they are packed with … Continue reading

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