5 Surprising Things That Happen When You Reach Your Goal Weight

You set your sights upon seeing a certain number on the scale. You eat, sleep, and breathe according to reach your goal. So…what happens when you finally see it?

These are things I encountered recently when I finally hit my “happy weight.”

1. It doesn’t look like you think it would. Am I happy about seeing a certain number on the scale? Yes. But is it everything I thought it would be? Not at all. While I’m happy FullSizeRender (13)with the number on the scale, my body fat percentage is still too high for my liking. So now I’ve adjusted my goal to decrease that number and increase my muscle mass. Yes…I am looking for gainz! Staying the same weight but less body fat and more muscle. Bring. It. On.

2. You look in the mirror and still see every imperfection. My body may take up less space these days, but there are still a lot of things I see that I don’t like. I think a lot of women do this – look in the mirror and just see flaws. They think about all the ways someone could judge them if they post a selfie on the Internet. I’m not immune to that. So when I look in the mirror, sometimes I still feel like I weigh 232lbs. I see everything I don’t like. I compare my body to other women’s bodies. I guess that just makes me human. It doesn’t change when you weigh less.

3. You still have to work at it. The scale is a dirty liar sometimes and fluctuates easily. This means you still have to keep up your habits to stay at the weight you want to be. And listen, it is work. And if you don’t do it, you will notice. You’ll have to hit another “rock bottom” before you find your way back into the healthy habits you once had on lock.

4. Your inner confidence shines through. You’ve always had it in you: your thoughts, feelings, beliefs…the things that make you unique. But now you’re not afraid of sharing them with others because you’re less insecure. You don’t feel like you need to be terse after climbing a flight of stairs because you’re embarrassed from all the huffing and puffing you’re doing. You go to the beach. You can shop at any store. It’s freeing.


Go ahead and try to get me out of this amazing pool in Jamaica. It can’t be done.

5. You wonder why you waited so long to make the changes. I look back at my college years and the first few years after college and think about what my life would have been like then if I had the body I have now. It’s actually kind of shallow when you think about it. I have no regrets of course, but I do feel like I may have missed out on a lot of things because of my confidence and body image issues.

FullSizeRender (14)

A photo of me when I had no idea how great life truly can be. ❤

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