Hockey Season Eve

As I sit here unable to sleep (have you ever been too tired to sleep? I think that’s what I’m up against..nap will happen later)  I can’t help but reflect on the craziness of the past two months.

Meetings, practices, planning, headaches, tears, lack of sleep, plenty of naps (do you see a pattern here?) and also major excitement have just consumed my mind. This job is so much work, especially in the pre-season, but the team hits the ice…it is so rewarding. And it all starts tomorrow.


I have an 8 hour drive ahead of me to Toronto to continue to wonder: how will this team gel on the ice? What will our first games be like? How will this season be different than last year?

Normally I fly with the team but for this weekend, I gave up my seat (we only get so many and let’s just say it’s a smaller number than our roster) so another player could travel. It actually worked out because Assistant Coach Mike “Dymo” Diamantopoulos and I will be driving together. Of course this means we have a long day and night ahead of us.

But right now I’m trying not to think about that. I’m thinking about meeting up with our #1 little Boston Blades fan, Kaitlyn Young, who lives in Toronto. Check out her awesome story on how she became a Blades fan.


I’m thinking about all the amazing support I’ve gotten from my friends and family who go out of their way to support me and support this team.

And I’m thinking about this group of girls who will be asked to absolutely grind for the next five months…



There will be so many highs and lows in the next five months. There will be times when our bodies are so tired we can barely feel feelings. There will be times when the last thing we feel like doing is going to practice. Times when we wonder why we put ourselves through this crazy schedule and insane amount of work.

But there will be times of great celebration on the ice this season. There will be new bonds. New experiences together. There will be little girls in the stands who remind us why we do what we do. There will be friends with shoulders to lean on when things get tough. And it will all be so rewarding when things finally start to click.

And when it’s all over, and it’s March and the ice and snow begins to melt and the games are done, we are going to take a break. And we are going to enjoy it. But a few weeks later we are just going to be wishing we could be back at practice, playing the game we love…Wishing it could be October all over again.

Happy Hockey Season.


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