A GM’s Thanksgiving

I’ve been thinking about the subject of my next blog post for quite some time, and now that we are settling into the holiday season, I thought I’d write about what I’m thankful for, from a GM perspective.

1. Blades Fans. Here’s the reality: our team does not exist without you. And whether you’re a family member of a player, a friend, someone who just likes women’s hockey, an aspiring pro player, or just someone who was roped into coming to a game once. You’ve made a difference for this team and for that I am completely appreciative.

The easiest and best way to make a difference for this team is to show up. So thank you for showing up. I hope you keep showing up. Because if you don’t….well, that would be bad.


2. Volunteers. You all are the real MVPs. Whether you’re friends I have dragged into this crazy hockey-filled life of mine (sorry?) or just people who reached out wanting to help, you have all made such a huge difference.

Sometimes all you need to make a game day run smoothly is another pair of hands. Sometimes those pairs of hands have talents you couldn’t possibly dream of having (announcing, singing the anthems, equipment repair, skate sharpening, the list goes on). Without you all I would be lost. Thanks for your constant support and sacrifice for this team. It means so much to me.

3. Players. The players on this team are pretty amazing. I watch them hold down full time jobs and a grueling hockey schedule, with practices, travel and games. I watch them take the time to greet little kids and make them feel special. They know when to let certain things roll of their backs and they know when to speak their minds. This group is a special one and I’m so glad to have such a great working relationship with them.


4. An understanding family. If you want a job like mine, you need a good support system at home. You need your family to understand you will NEVER make tons of money in this business…but that’s not why you do it. You need to them to understand there are times you just need to cry it out. That sometimes things will just not be fair. But you do it anyway because you have a love for something so strong that there isn’t even a word for it. And for every time you wonder, “why do I put myself through this?” you realize the good times are so rewarding, and you’d never trade it. Your family needs to get that, too. I’m glad mine *mostly* does 🙂


5. Sponsors. I’m not sure people fully understand just how far sponsorship dollars go in this league and for this team but let me tell you, without them, I don’t even know what we would do. I’m so thankful for the businesses who realize there is significant ROI in women’s sports and that supporting them is absolutely worth it. The impact is direct to the players and without you there would certainly be no CWHL.

6. Coffee. Props to you, coffee, and energy drinks. You have gotten me through roadies galore, to and from Toronto, Quebec, and more. You’ve allowed me to power through work when I’ve felt like I just have nothing left. Thank. God. For. Coffee. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

The most important part of the holidays, for me anyway, is to just slow down. So many of us have jobs that consume us…sometimes to a degree where’s not very healthy. We all need time to decompress. Find some quiet, read, listen to music. I will go out of my way to NOT think about hockey for a little while.

And then when I get back into work mode, I’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

I’m also looking into a post-hockey season vacation. Any destination suggestions? 🙂

Enjoy Thanksgiving. xoxo




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