New Year, Same You, Just Better

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you are all enjoying some time off with your families.

I can’t believe it’s half way through hockey season. I also can’t decide if they’ve been hectic or not. I know they’ve definitely been stressful but that’s GM Life. We were largely on the road in the first half of the season, which, operations-wise, is actually pretty easy. Our home games & fan events are what takes a lot of work to put together. So it’s really a marathon through to March once the new year rolls around. It’s been a really fun last month, though, as the Blades have finally won a couple games. It makes me so happy to see the players so fired up to play the game they love. Here’s to some more W’s in the new year!

Last month I started getting a lot more focused on my own health & fitness. As a personal trainer sometimes it can be really hard to motivate yourself. Actually, a know a lot of fellow trainers struggle with this. We get too comfortable, stuck in a rut and then start to see weight creeping back up. It can be hard to make time for yourself when your “first priority” is making time for your clients. But really, your first priority needs to be you…you just gotta figure out how to make it work.

So between life and work stress I decided to start taking my emotions out during my workouts. It has really helped me with my anxiety. One major thing that I struggled with before was creating a routine. I really struggle without one so I created one that seems to work for me. My routine includes getting my workout done FIRST THING in the morning, even if I have a 6 a.m. client, before I go to work. This means I am setting my alarm clock as early at 4:30 a.m. Seriously. However…it is worth it for me. I like working out first thing because it improves my mood and energy, and I don’t dread working out through the whole day. Plus I can *usually* get a nap during the middle of the day if I need one, or go to bed ridiculously early on nights we don’t have Blades practice. (Sorry, friends, if you text me after 9 p.m., chances are I’m sleeping.)

I lost about 5lbs (which i quickly “gained back” like 3lbs because I like cheese during Christmastime…but I’ll get to that later) but more importantly I’m feeling better, I’m much stronger, and am a much happier person to be around.


During this time of year a lot of people stress out about what they eat. Perspective is everything. Yes, it sucks that I ate my body weight in cheese on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But the reality is 1) I realistically didn’t eat enough cheese  (or calories in general) in those 48 hours to “gain” back the 3 pounds that showed up on the scale this morning 2) It is two days out of 365 of the year. That’s it. Nothing I can’t bounce back from in the next week by drinking a ton of water and re-focusing on my nutrition. I *know* I’m  going to do it, so I’m choosing to acknowledge that it happened and move on. DONE.

It was right after Christmas about 7 years ago that I saw a photo of myself at 232lbs and decided to make a change. I decided I wanted it bad enough to actually do something about it. Once you get to that point, the rest is history. I’m channeling that feeling again 🙂

We start Biggest Loser at work this week and I’m doing it right alongside my clients with the goal of getting back down to my “happy weight” aka losing about 10 pounds. But this time at my “happy weight” I’m looking to be much stronger than I have ever been while at that weight. So I’m also monitoring body fat %, measurements, and going to start keeping better track of how much weight I’m lifting. Progress should be measured in numerous ways – not just on the scale!

Anyway if you are looking to make a change for the better – if you want it bad enough – now is as good of a time as any.

Come visit me at work at One 2 One Bodyscapes in Westford if you’d like to work out with me, or just know that I’m always available to anyone for advice, venting, whatever you need.








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