Writing Another Chapter

It’s time to make resolutions a reality. 

So my work is doing the Biggest Loser and I thought it might be fun to chronicle these 8 weeks as I go through them along with all of my clients 🙂

Let me first say that my 2016 ended with a crash….literally. Last Wednesday Jasper the Jeep saw his final day on the road:

Yes, 2016 brought me two car accidents resulting in 2 totaled cars. I was definitely lucky to get out of this one with only minor bumps and bruises. Air bag burns, seat belt burns, pain and weakness in my right arm and right hip….ugh. I definitely felt horrible for a few days but now that I am feeling better I am really ready for these other issues to subside! I feel so useless at the gym when all I can do is cardio and work my left side…haha. I am hoping I will be feeling a to better in a few days. But let me tell you….going from what I had been lifting at the gym to having pain holding a 15lb dumb bell was just sad.

On top of my car , my laptop is currently at the Apple hospital, so this blog is coming at you thanks to an iPad…. Ugh…anyway…

Before my accident I had a great regimen going. I was on a really sweet schedule at the gym:

Monday’s: Chest, shoulders, back

Tuesday’s: Legs 

Wednesdays: cardio, Bi’s and tri’s

Thursdays: Legs

Friday’s: Cardio and random upper body

Saturday: cardio and legs

Each day also included abs and stretching.

I know it’s only been a few days since the accident and I’m still healing but feeling broken is so frustrating. I am hoping these things subside by themselves in a few more days.

In the mean time I’m just focusing on what I CAN do, working what body parts don’t hurt me and focusing on nutrition.

Now I am not the best cook in the world (nor do I really care to be…I have more important shit to do) and I also do not mind being a creature of habit. So for food I try to keep it easy.

Did you know you can make omelette so in the mircorwave? Game changer. This was brunch after my “workout” (I’m using the term so loosely because I’m still so mad about my injuries ha)

I hit the store for some meal prep for the week. I honestly hate meal prep, because as much as I am a creature of habit I hate feeling like I am eating leftovers. But I am actually pretty excited to eat what I made. It’s a basic ground beef with herbs and onions and peppers, as well as honey bbq turkey and veggies. 

So now that I feel ready for the upcoming week,  I am resting my body in hopes of healing as fast as possible 🙂 I’m enjoying a quiet day of rest before I start to get the ball rolling on looking for a new car, Blades hockey starting up again,  and whatever else life wants to throw my way.

Happy 2017! May it be full of less chaos…less totaled cars… and lots of health and happiness.

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